"The relationship between the interesting and the beautiful is much closer. With its cool affect and relatively weak cathexis with its objects, the interesting arguably resembles the “disinterested pleasure” of beauty more than it differs from it! More significantly, the interesting’s lack of descriptive specificity mirrors the conceptlessness of the reflective judgment of beauty as conceived by Kant. I’ve always found this fact particularly striking. The difference is that the blankness or indeterminacy of the judgment of interesting seems to explicitly invite us to fill in the blank with the concept later. The interesting is an explicitly epistemological aesthetic, in a way that the beautiful is not. Finally, the discursivity of the interesting makes plain the dialogism and matrix of social conflict underlying all judgments of taste.”

You also know, my love, the gray disease / of our century, that makes us go on dying / day by day, as though from the blue heights / we’d loosed the ballast of our joy, / and now the lightness sears the heart of us. / Mild sentiment of a benumbed bourgeois / wrapped in furs that never can be paid for: / yearning for what cannot be, thirsting for infinity, / the fever of tomorrow. / Obsessions hammer at our delicate craniums as thin as the skulls of kittens. —Enrico Cavacchioli, “Let the Moon Be Damned” (1914)

Terry Riley - In C

A minor but perilious triumph over nothingness

Cloudscape - Koyaanisqatsi

Philip Glass





this slaps you in the face with reality

omfg actually laughing

uhhh I can name them all I may be rusty on my trees though and idk what the alligator is

Maple,  Ash,  Evergreen, Oak, Birch, and maybe cherry or dogwood not sure


I don’t know the alligator either and the apple is either the mac brand or produce and I had no idea what the last two leaves are. So almost pretty even.


Katharina Grosse


Reena Spaulings - Holzweg III (2013) - Acrylic on canvas


Stanley Kubrick on the set of 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)